To put it simply: I love music. I have been appreciative of music since as far back as I can remember. As a kid I was always sneaking in to my uncle’s room and listening to his albums, yes Vinyl. One of my earliest memories was hearing the Dark Side of the Moon, Donna Summer and Bolero via an old portable record player - yes my Uncle had some interesting tastes in music. I spent nights reading comics under the covers by flashlight with an earpiece channeling music to my ear from an old portable radio. My cousins and I danced every New Year’s Eve with Grandma, Grandpa and Big Band Music.

​As I got older I spent allowance on Albums, CDs, concerts and of course stereo equipment. I had a taste for all kinds of music: 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, Disco, Punk, Classical, New Wave, Rap, Hip Hop, Country – Young, Classic and Texas Country, to name a few. My mother made sure I learned to dance at home and sent me out to take dance lessons as well. She and I played guitars at church and family parties – for whoever would listen to us!

​I used to collect T-shirts and hats as souvenirs when traveling or vacationing with my family. At one point the collection got to be too much and I had the bright idea to collect music on my adventures abroad – local, traditional, whatever I came across. My new souvenirs brought much enlightenment and cultural experience to my music appreciation. Looking back at the music from those trips is much like looking at a photo album. The covers and music bring back memories and thoughts of those days and my family and friends that were with me at the time.

I still continue to expand my musical knowledge and experience every day; Reading the latest reviews and listening to new music at every opportunity I get - from live venues, to bars and restaurants with juke boxes, to the solo guitarist playing acoustic at Potbelly’s at lunch time.

I bring this music appreciation and enthusiasm to the events I have the opportunity to be a part of. As I said early on…I love music. Seeing people happy, dancing, listening and feeling the emotions tied to the event and the music is a joyful and enthralling experience for me. Aside from being a music fanatic, I have spent the bulk of my career involved in Customer Service. From working with my Grandparents during the summers, owning my own landscaping and handy-man service, selling auto-parts, partnering in an IT Consulting Service, and serving as an Operations Manager available 24x7. As such, I have seen and experienced a lot of challenges which has afforded me the opportunity to truly understand the “Customer Focus” bottom line:  Communication, Understanding the client(s), along with their needs and desires, and most importantly, How to meet those expectations to the best of my abilities while still being prepared for the unexpected – for example a power outage!

I coordinate with event planners/coordinators, brides, parents maintaining a constant open-line of communication to understand the event, plan the agenda, learn your musical tastes, coordinate with vendors during the event, and provide master of ceremony tasks as needed.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  If you are in the market for entertainment, do not necessarily want a DJ but are interested in what questions or concerns you should have when speaking with other entertainers, let me know and I’d be glad to help.

My focus is on our business relationship being a partnership, striving to make your day/event a memorable success.

Looking Forward to Hearing from You,


My Story

"George and I just wanted to thank you again for your help with the slide show at the rehearsal dinner. I still can't get over how great it sounded with the music added full strength. It just wouldn't have worked without you. And you are an incredible disc jockey - we absolutely had the time of our lives."

– Cathy


"We just wanted to say THANK YOU for ALL of the work that you put in to making our day so special. You really made the reception a hit and all of our guests had an amazing time! I am so happy that we chose you to be our DJ and for you to be a part of our special was one of the best choices we made. Rain or shine you made sure we had a great time, and we can't thank you enough. Thanks!"

- Jessica

"JR DJed our wedding in New Orleans, and did a terrific job. I've been recommending for him weddings and parties ever since! "

–  Paula


"Our DJ for the day of, JR, was amazing. He helped things flow so smoothly and without any problems. We had a great ceremony and reception with his help."

– Meagan

“I love that when I go to the Lion and the Crown in Addison on the weekends, my boyfriend and I both get to hear music we enjoy.  It’s not just another single-mind-set music mentality DJ playing only what he/she wants to hear.  As a mostly anti-social, bench-warming people watcher, seeing you interact with the patrons,  taking requests, and reading the crowd (your audience) so well puts a smile on my face and makes me want to get up out of my little corner and out of my “comfort zone” to dance and maybe even be a little social.  Your ability to take all types of music from all different eras and genres and keep the pace without losing your audience is a beautiful thing to watch.  It’s rare for me to brag on DJs since so many of them focus on what THEY want to play or just lose the crowd’s attention, so it’s truly an honor  and a joy to watch you play and hear the magic lyrical beat masterpiece you weave every week."

- Lilith

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